Address: Kandlerova 14, 52100 Pula | Open (winter): Mon - Fri 11 am - 2 pm or by appointment

Đorđe Jandrić - Kodikamo hrpa

From 4th until 25th May 2024


Educational workshops at the Poola Gallery

We offer age-appropriate lectures for K-12 school groups on topics related to contemporary art practice. The Gallery organizes debates and round table discussions on the problem areas of contemporary art.

Arts organization Robot

The concept of excellence of gallery activity provided by the Arts organization ROBOT is based on the idea of contemporary, interactive approach to gallery practice, the so-called "Artist-run galleries".

Such practice exists outside the structure of public and private galleries, as well as cultural institutions; it considers the problems related to the gallery-exhibition activities from the point of view of the insider, i.e. standpoint of people directly involved in arts.

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